If you live in the Texoma area and need assistance with any of the following services, you can call or text Janis Ramirez at 580-263-4794 for scheduling or a consultation.

°Appliance Cleaning, Installation, Repair

°Attic Door and Drop Down Stair Repair and Installation, Weatherproofing, Insulation

°Bathtub, Shower Stall Installation, Sealing

°Cabinet Updates and Repair, Custom Builds, Pre-built Installation

°Carpet, Hardwood, Tile Flooring Installation

°Caulking, Sealing

°Ceiling Fan Installatio , Repairs, Replacements

°Countertop and Backsplash Installation, Removal

°Deck Custom Building, Cleaning, Paint and Stain, Sealing

°Drywall Installation, Removal, Repair, Tape and Bed

°Faucet Repair, Replacement

°Furniture, Shelving, and Other Misc. Product Assembly

°Fence and Gate Installation, Repairs, Restoration, Removal

°Grout Cleaning, Re-grouting

°Gutter and Downspout Cleaning, Replacement, Repair (one story homes)

°Door Installation, Repair, Replacement, Restoration, plusb Hardware, Locksets, etc.

°Light Bulb Replacement

°Fixtures, Dimmers, Switches, Outlets

°Insulation, Weather Stripping, and Misc. Weatherproofing

°Mailbox Custom Builds, Installation, Repair

°Mirror, Medicine Cabinet, Tub/Shower Bars, Towel Bars, other misc. Bathroom Hardware

°Molding and Trim Work

°Paint and Stain

°Residential and Storage Organization

°Showerhead, Faucet, and Handle Repair, Replacement

°Sink, Water Supply, and Drain Repair, Replacement

°Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

°Subfloor, Stud, Rafter (one-story homes) Repair

°Texture, Tape and Bed

°Tile Cleaning, Installation, Removal, Repair, Replacement

°Wall and Shelving Unit Custom Builds, Installation, and Repairs

°Water Heater Installation, Repair

°Window Installation, Repair, and Blinds, Curtains, and Window Treatments

 Be sure and check out the hours of operation and competitive rates.
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