The following services are available at an hourly rate of $30 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours paid, or you can have a better estimated flat rate according to the pricing below.

Toilet Replacement
Starts at $75.00Includes: removal of current toilet and free haul-off, installation and connection of replacement toilet. Not included: replacement toilet, any needed parts, supplies, materials.
  • Trim, Baseboard, Crown Molding - Basic
Basic starts at 50¢ per linear foot.Includes: measuring, cutting and installing baseboards on a clean, already prepped surface. Not included: the price of baseboards, any needed materials.
  • Trim, Baseboard, Crown - Complete
Starting at $2.75 per linear footFull service includes removing the existing baseboards, surface prep, measure, cut, install, caulk and paint the new baseboards. Not included: baseboards, caulk, paint, other materials needed.
  • Plumbing Services
$15 service fee plus $20 hourlyPEX, PVC, and CPVC maintenance, replacement, relocation, cosmetic work. Not included: any plumbing parts or materials needed.
  • Special Care Packing & Relocating
Starting at $20 per hour.Special care in packing, relocating, and unpacking special belongings, mementos, keepsakes, sentimental, and other fragile items.
  • Toilet Repair
Starting at $50.00Includes: repair or replacement of fill valve, flapper, flush valve, tank lever, tank-to-bowl gasket, wax or rubber ring, closet flange, water intake line, or any misc. hardware or seals,
  • Cosmetic Electrical
Starting at $35 per hour.Home lighting, ceiling fans, and other misc. interior electrical upgrades and repairs. Not included: light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. that are to be installed.
  • Mobile Home Skirting Installation
From $25 per hourFull range skirting and underpinning installation services. From repairs to new installs on your choice of vinyl, aluminum, simulated rock, or other custom materials.
  • Residential Cleaning
Starting at $15 per hour.Everything from the deep down hard to reach nooks and crannies, to just a lite pick up, pillow fluff and dusting. You name it, I'll clean it.

  • Complete Exterior Painting Services
Starting at $0.50 per square footIncludes site prep and the sufficient coats of primer/paint to complete the project. Add length x height of each wall together to figure square footage. All prep materials are included in estimate.
  • Flooring Installation Service - Basic
Starting at $0.75 per square foot.Includes the installation of new flooring to an already prepped subfloor. Not included: flooring material or adhesive, tack strips, grout, etc.
  • Flooring Installation Service - Complete
$1.50 per square foot.Includes: removal of existing flooring and haul off, subfloor repair and prep, and the installation of new flooring. Not included: repair, prep, and flooring materials.

°Major Appliances: Cleaning, Installation, Repair, Haul Offs
°Attic: Door and Drop Down Stair Repair, Weatherproofing
°Bathrooms: Tub and Showe Stall Installation, Toilet Replacement Sealin
°Cabinet Updates and Repair, Custom Builds, Pre-built Installation
°Carpet, Hardwood, Tile Flooring Installation
°Caulking, Sealing
°Ceiling Fan Installatio , Repairs, Replacements
°Countertop and Backsplash Installation, Removal
°Deck Custom Building, Cleaning, Paint and Stain, Sealing
°Drywall Installation, Removal, Repair, Tape and Bed
°Faucet Repair, Replacement
°Furniture, Shelving, and Other Misc. Product Assembly
°Fence and Gate Installation, Repairs, Restoration, Removal
°Grout Cleaning, Re-grouting
°Gutter and Downspout Cleaning, Replacement, Repair (one story homes)
°Door Installation, Repair, Replacement, Restoration, plusb Hardware, Locksets, etc.
°Light Bulb Replacement
°Fixtures, Dimmers, Switches, Outlets
°Insulation, Weather Stripping, and Misc. Weatherproofing
°Mailbox Custom Builds, Installation, Repair
°Mirror, Medicine Cabinet, Tub/Shower Bars, Towel Bars, other misc. Bathroom Hardware
°Molding and Trim Work
°Paint and Stain
°Residential and Storage Organization
°Showerhead, Faucet, and Handle Repair, Replacement
°Sink, Water Supply, and Drain Repair, Replacement
°Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation
°Subfloor, Stud, Rafter (one-story homes) Repair
°Texture, Tape and Bed
°Tile Cleaning, Installation, Removal, Repair, Replacement
°Wall and Shelving Unit Custom Builds, Installation, and Repairs
°Water Heater Installation, Repair
°Window Installation, Repair, and Blinds, Curtains, and Window Treatments

 Be sure and check out hours of operation and competitive rates.

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