Whether you came here by choice or you stumbled on it by accident, you've landed at the website for the

Texoma Handywoman.  

     I hope you'll take a minute to look around, and then call or text me at 580-677-1482 if you're in need of:

demolition work
- any remodel, renovation, or full rehab
- routine maintenance and repairs
- cleaning and organization
- kitchen and bath upgrades 
- landscaping or routine yard maintenance
- a fresh coat of paint, inside or out
- all floor repairs and installation
or any of the other services listed here.

If you need something that isn't listed, feel free to ask.  I will never pretend my way through a service request. If I'm not experienced in what you need done, I have a list of people I can refer you to and I'm confident they will do you an excellent job.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Owner-Operator of Texoma Handywoman

*If you compare labor prices and someone else offers to do the same work for less, I'm happy to match it if it's something I can afford to do the work for.

**As the Owner-Operator of Texoma Handywoman, I understand that some repair emergencies happen at bad times.  If you need something done that qualifies as an emergency, but aren't quite ready financially, don't hesitate to contact me. Payment plans are an option, amd they aren't a problem.

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